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The SAICM's quarterly newsletter – June 2021 -  highlights our ongoing work, resources developed by the Secretariat, partnerships and upcoming events!

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·         World Environment Day 2021
·         Biodiversity Day

Stakeholder Engagement

·         The 5th Round of the Special Programme
·         The Role of the Health Sector in SAICM
·         ILO Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear sectors
·         Future Policy Award 2021: Protection from Hazardous Chemicals
·         Community of Practice on Meaningful Youth Engagement

Knowledge Management and Information

·         Spotlight Publication - Engaging the Textile Industry as a Key Sector in SAICM – A Review of PFAS as  Chemical Class in the Textile Industry
·         Communities of Practice on SAICM Emerging Policy Issues

Beyond 2020 and Update on Virtual Working Groups

·         Online Survey on the Virtual Working Groups
·         High- level Declaration Informal Drafting Group

Key Events 2021

Past editions

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