International Conference on Chemicals Management

The SAICM Overarching Policy Strategy, in paragraphs 24 and 25, sets out the functions and schedule of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM), as follows:

“The ICCM will undertake periodic reviews of SAICM. The functions of the ICCM will be:

  1. To receive reports from all relevant stakeholders on progress in implementation of SAICM and to disseminate information as appropriate;
  2. To evaluate the implementation of SAICM with a view to reviewing progress against the 2020 target and taking strategic decisions, programming, prioritizing and updating the approach as necessary;
  3. To provide guidance on implementation of SAICM to stakeholders;
  4. To report on progress in implementation of SAICM to stakeholders;
  5. To promote implementation of existing international instruments and programmes;
  6. To promote coherence among chemicals management instruments at the international level;
  7. To promote the strengthening of national chemicals management capacities;
  8. To work to ensure that the necessary financial and technical resources are available for implementation;
  9. To evaluate the performance of the financing of SAICM;
  10. To focus attention and call for appropriate action on emerging policy issues as they arise and to forge consensus on priorities for cooperative action;
  11. To promote information exchange and scientific and technical cooperation;
  12. To provide a high‑level international forum for multi‑stakeholder and multi-sectoral discussion and exchange of experience on chemicals management issues with the participation of non‑governmental organizations in accordance with applicable rules of procedure;
  13. To promote the participation of all stakeholders in the implementation of SAICM.

Where appropriate, sessions of the ICCM should be held back-to-back with meetings of the governing bodies of relevant intergovernmental organizations in order to enhance synergies and cost‑effectiveness and to promote SAICM’s multi-sectoral nature. [Future] sessions of the ICCM should be held in 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2021, unless otherwise decided by the ICCM.”

In its resolution I/1 at its first session, the ICCM “invited the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme to convene further sessions of the ICCM, working in collaboration with the participating organizations of the Inter‑Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals, the United Nations Development Programme and other intergovernmental organizations.”

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