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Periodic reporting

In accordance with paragraph 24 of the SAICM Overarching Policy Strategy, the Conference will undertake periodic reviews of SAICM. Arrangements for periodic reporting by stakeholders were agreed to at the second session of the Conference held in Geneva from 11 to 15 May 2009.

As indicated in the overall orientation and guidance, enhancing capacity to assess progress in SAICM implementation will support the Conference, in particular in fulfilling its functions to evaluate the implementation of SAICM with a view to measuring progress against the 2020 target and taking strategic decisions, programming, prioritizing and updating the approach as necessary. By identifying achievements, understanding the gaps in implementation and prioritizing future actions, optimum progress in each of the five objectives of the Overarching Policy Strategy may be achieved by 2020.

Progress Reports

Baseline report

First progress report (2009-2010)

Summary of the first progress report (2009-2010)

Second progress report (2011-2013)

Summary of the second progress report (2011-2013, see ICCM4 meeting document SAICM/ICCM.4/3)

Stakeholders submissions (2011 - 2013)


Future reporting

ICCM4 requested the secretariat to develop a third progress report including achievements, strengths and weaknesses for the period 2014–2016 and an analysis of the 20 indicators of progress for consideration by the Open-ended Working Group at its third meeting.  ICCM4 also directed the Open-ended Working Group to consider the need for a report for the period 2017–2019 for consideration by ICCM5.  The details on stakeholder reporting processes for 2014-2016 are under development.


Reporting indicators

20 Reporting indicators agreed at ICCM2 and the link to the 11 SAICM basic elements