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Periodic reporting

In accordance with paragraph 24 of the SAICM Overarching Policy Strategy, ICCM will undertake periodic reviews of SAICM. Arrangements for periodic reporting by stakeholders were considered at the second session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM) held in Geneva from 11 to 15 May 2009.

Baseline report

A draft baseline report was prepared by the secretariat using existing data such as those obtained though the routine reporting carried out ahead of regional meetings and the second session of the Conference. The secretariat supplemented the information obtained from respondents with its own data, for example on the number of applications made to the Quick Start Programme Trust Fund and data from the secretariats of multilateral environment agreements. The draft report (SAICM/OEWG.1/INF/1) was provided to the first meeting of the Open-ended Working Group of the International Conference on Chemicals Management, held in Belgrade, 15-18 November 2011.

First periodic report

In accordance with the decision of the second session of the Conference, progress in implementing SAICM will be considered by the third session of the Conference when it meets in 2012.  Preparations for this first evaluation were considered by the Open-ended Working Group in November 2011 and will take into account data collected on progress for the period 2009 and 2010 using the online reporting tool.  The results of a preliminary data collection (obtained over the period 4 March to 19 July 2011) were reported to the Open-ended Working Group (document SAICM/OEWG.1/INF/2)

A supplementary collection of data was made following the Open-ended Working Group (1 December 2011 to 4 March 2012), with the aim of increasing the representativeness of the data.

In total 108 online questionnaires were fully completed by stakeholders in Governments, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations. Where stakeholders submitted part of the questionnaire their answers have been incorporated in the analysis of the specific part. Copies of individual completed submissions are available here

The results of the online survey are included in documents for the third session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management. To provide supplementary information tabular summaries of the results from all mandatory questions in the questionnaire are available here.

The completed baseline report and the first progress report on implementation of SAICM (2009-2010) were considered by the third session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management.
Meeting document
Baseline report
First progress report (2009-2010)