The SAICM Information Clearing House is both a centralized place for news relevant to chemicals and a repository of core resources.

The functions of the SAICM secretariat include to provide information clearing-house services, such as provision of advice to countries on implementation of SAICM, referral of requests for information to relevant sources, and facilitation of access to information and expertise in support of specific national actions. This clearing-house function is performed principally on the basis of this web-based facility. The clearing house also incorporates the Information Exchange Network on Capacity building for the Sound Management of Chemicals (INFOCAP), previously administered by the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS).

Who can contribute to the SAICM ICH?

Only people who have been granted the right to contribute to the SAICM ICH can add information in the form of weblinks and documents.

If you think that your contribution will be valuable, please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How is the information organized?

The news are distibuted in 6 main categories with sub-categories:

Knowledge & Information
            Properties of Chemicals
            Potential Uses
            Effects on Human Health
            Protective Measures
            Effects on the Environment
        Scientific Research
        Newsletters & Bulletins
        Networks, Clearinghouses and Resource Guides
        Protective Measures
Risk Reduction
        Health & Safety
        Risk Assessment
        Best Practice
        Chemical Waste
        Pollution Prevention
        Social & Economic Analysis
        Emerging Policy Issues
            Chemicals in Products
            Nanotechnology and Manufactured Nanomaterials
            Managing Perfluorinated Chemicals
            Lead in Paint
        International Binding Instruments
        Regulation & Law
        Civil Society Participation
Capacity Building
        INFOCAP Archive
            Sources of Potential Support
            Training and Guidance Documents
        Needs Assessment
        INFOCAP Training & Guidance Documents
        Capacity Building Projects
Illegal International Traffic
        Regional and National Mechanisms
        International intruments and forums
        Stakeholders' Activities
        Country Experiences
            Importing Countries
            Exporting Countries
        Guidelines, Manuals, Toolkits
        Inter-Governmental Organizations
        Non-Governmental Organizations
            Health NGOs
            Public Interest NGOs
            Industry NGOs
            Trade Unions
            Science NGOs
            Extraordinary NGOs