Regional meetings back-to-back with Minamata

Regional SAICM meetings will be held back-to-back with the regional meetings organized in preparation of the Minamata Convention Second Conference of the Parties (COP2). SAICM workshops will be half-day meetings with the other half-day being workshops organized by the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions.

In red the date for the SAICM workshops for each region

Africa: 9-10-11 October 2018 in Lusaka, Zambia Provisional Programme (updated)
Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia: 16-17-18 October 2018 in Chisinau, Moldova Provisional Programme (updated)
Asia and the Pacific: 23-24-25 October 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand Provisional Programme (updated)
Latin America and the Caribbean: 29-30-31 October 2018, Lima, Peru Provisional Programme (updated)

Regional Activities

SAICM regional activities follows the informal regional structure of the United Nations General Assembly comprising the following regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Western Europe and Other Groups.

The International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM) decided its resolution I/1 that intersessional work should be promoted through, among other things, regional meetings.

The SAICM Overarching Policy Strategy, in paragraph 26, indicates that the functions of the regional meetings include

  • To review progress on implementation of the Strategic Approach within the regions; 
  • To provide guidance on implementation to all stakeholders at a regional level; 
  • To enable technical and strategic discussions and exchange of information to take place. 

Since the adoption of SAICM in February 2006, all regions have had at least one regional meeting and there have also been a number of subregional meetings, generously supported by a number of donor and host Governments. 

Each region has a regional focal point. At their first regional meetings, several regions developed terms of reference to guide the work of their focal points. The African, Central and Eastern European, and Latin American and Caribbean regions have established regional coordination bodies.

Regional meetings

Regional meetings organised in 2018 in the following regions:

Asia Pacific 23-25 January, Bangkok, Thailand
Latin American and Caribbean 29-31 January, Panama City, Panama
Africa 6-8 February, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
EU-JUSSCANNZ 9 February, Paris, France
Central and Eastern Europe 19-21 February, Lodz, Poland

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