Policy support and awareness raising generate support for lead phase out [Project Output 1.2]

This output addresses the capacity barriers faced by countries in regulating lead in paint. The policy support to be provided on lead phase out will be provided by the Chemicals and Health Branch, UN Environment and WHO under their respective mandates to assist developing country governments in regulating lead paint.

The project brings together the expertise of diverse partners, who will work together to provide expert assistance and facilitate support to project countries. The project countries will work directly with one or more of these partners, depending on the identified needs. The output aims to achieve lead paint regulation in at least 40 of the 77 identified target countries, by the end of the project.

Regional workshop will be held to:

  • Provide participants with an understanding of why the elimination of lead paint is important and provide an overview of the SAICM GEF Project Lead in Paint Component.
  • Provide participants with an understanding of the elements of a strategy to eliminate lead paint.
  • Enable country participants to exchange ideas and experiences with eliminating lead paint in the CEE Region.
  • Identify next steps toward lead paint elimination in specific countries; present country approaches.
  • Provide participants with information needed to initiate a dialog with decision-makers and industry at national level.

Regional Workshops

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Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia regional workshop - 19-20 March 2019, Almaty, Kazakhstan

This workshop represents the initiation of project activities in the region. The participants will be the nominated national focal points for environment and health, together with project executing partners, and industry and civil society representatives.

Day 1: Tuesday 19 March - Presentations

  • Health, economic and environmental impacts of lead (Joanna Helena Tempowski, World Health Organisation) English / Russian
  • Overview of Global Efforts to Eliminate Lead Paints: Why Action Now Matter (Walker B. Smith, US Environmental Protection Agency) English / Russian
  • IPEN paint studies - Brief overview (Sara Brosché, IPEN) English / Russian
  • A Model Law and Guidance for Regulating Lead Paint (Jay Monteverde, ABA ROLI) English / Russian
  • EU Restrictions – Lead in paints (Kirsi Sihvonen, ECHA) English / Russian
  • A national campaign to ban the use of lead in household soluble paints (Denis Pavlowsky, MAMA-86) English / Russian
  • Regulation of lead in paints and varnishes in the Republic of Belarus (Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus) English / Russian
  • Ukraine Case Study (Roman FilonenKo, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine) English / Russian
  • Promoting regulatory and voluntary action by government and industry to phase out lead in paint - Overview of the Project (Desiree Narvaez, UN Environment) English / Russian
  • Analytical Methods for Measuring Lead in Paint (Lead Paint Alliance Toolkit for Establishing Laws to Control the Use of Lead in Paint) English / Russian
  • Using country specific data on lead in paint and painted surfaces to support new policies (Tamar Berman, Ministry of Health, Israel) English / Russian
  • Working with paint manufacturers to phase out lead in paint (Sara Brosché, IPEN) English / Russian
  • Moldova Case Study (Elena Jardan, Ministry of Health, Natalia Efros, Environmental Pollution Prevention Office) English
  • Moldova Case Study (Anna Cazacu, EcoContact) English
  • Overview of Approaches to Regulating Lead in Paint (Ellie McCann, US Environmental Protection Agency) English / Russian
  • Regulation of lead in paints and varnishes in the members states of the Eurasian Economic Union (Ulanbel Toktogulov, Eurasian Economic Commission(EEC)) English / Russian

Day 2: Wednesday 20 March -Presentations

  • Guidance for a Country Approach Toward Development of Lead Paint Laws and Discussion Question (Desiree Narvaez, UN Environment) English / Russian
  • Communication Strategy towards adopting Lead paint laws (Joanna Helena Tempowski, World Health Organisation) English / Russian
  • Role of IPEN and its participating organisations (Sara Brosché, IPEN) English / Russian


Africa regional workshop 28-29 May 2019, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire


Latin America and the Caribbean regional workshop 12-13 June 2019, Panama City, Panama


Asia Pacific regional workshop 21-22 August 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

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