Demonstration pilots with paint manufacturers in Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs) executed in eight countries [Project Output 1.1]

This output addresses the technical barriers faced by SMEs in replacing lead additives in paint with lead free alternatives. It focuses on seven countries with SMEs producing lead paint: Jordan, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, China, and Nigeria.

In Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, China and Jordan the project will work through National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) to provide assistance to SMEs on phasing out lead in paint. In Nigeria and Indonesia, the project will work through IPEN partner organisations SraDev and Balifokus respectively. Under this output, the NCPCs will support SMEs during a paint reformulation industry pilot test. They will use technical guidelines on paint reformulation developed by NCPC Serbia.

Activities in this output address the technical barriers faced by SMEs in phasing out lead paint production in favour of less hazardous alternatives, as well as supporting governments in regulating lead paint.


Lead Paint Webinar for CEE Region, 16-17 March 2020

Presentations on Day 1

  • Lead Toxicity (Irina Zastenskaya, WHO)  Russian
  • Setting a limit on the lead contain in paint (Joanna Tempowski, WHO)  English / Russian
  • Activities Overview (Steve Sides, World Coatings Council)  English / Russian
  • Experience on replacing lead-containing raw materials in decorative paints and varnishes (Sergey Fedotov, Russian Paint Quality Association)  English / Russian
  • Lead in paint testing results (Olga Speranskaya, IPEN)  English / Russian

Presentations on Day 2

  • Lead paint reformulation technical guidelines (Vojislavka Satric)  English / Russian
  • Color our future (Georg Doering, BASF)  English / Russian

Updates on SMEs work

  • NCPC China
  • NCPC Ecuador
  • NCPC Colombia
  • NCPC Jordan
  • NCPC Peru

Launching Workshops



Paint Reformulation in SMEs Launching Workshop, 29-30 January 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

The event aims to officially launch the "Elimination of Lead in Paint" project implementation in Indonesia as well as share and discuss information related to lead paint both in the global and country context. The overall goal of the workshop is to discuss in detail the project work plan and the draft technical guidelines on paint reformulation as it applies to SMEs.

Concept note and Agenda

29 January - Presentations

30 January - Presentations


NCPC Jordan launching workshop, 31 March - 1 April 2019, Amman, Jordan


NCPCs Peru, Ecuador and Colombia launching workshop, 18-19 June 2019, Lima, Peru


NCPC China launching workshop, 16-17 October 2019, Beijing China

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